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What is inside Dormio?

Sleep tracks so powerful, they knockyou out instantly

Fall into soothing beauty sleep with Dormio.

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Sleep Better with the world’s

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We’ve scoured the world to find the world’s finest scientists, sleep engineers, and psychologists.

Here’s how Dormio works

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Dormio saves your battery life

by knowing exactly when to turn off

Set a timer for how long you want each track to play, and Dormio will automatically turn off when it is complete. So it will fall asleep the same time you do.

What’s Hot Today

Our daily refreshed Top Ten List of

the highest grossing tracks

Experience Lucid Dreaming by
Rebecca Turner


Lucid Dream Hypnosis
by Steve G Jones


Monaural Sleep Sync
by Morry Zelcovitch


Easy Sleep Hypnosis
by Steve G Jones


Deep Rest by OmHarmonics


Urban Rain & Thunder


Soundtrack to Slumberland by
Mark Romero


Floyd at a Distance
by Silva Method




Sleep Well Tonight
by Burt Goldman


sleep better tonight

with Dormio

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